Making the decision to file for bankruptcy may seem like one of the most difficult decisions you will make in your lifetime. However, being in the throes of financial chaos is far worse than finding a tangible and meaningful solution that can bring you back to financial stability.

Bankruptcy filings are at an all time high. During this time of financial upheaval more people find themselves in untenable financial circumstances. No matter how you have gotten here: job loss, medical bills, lack of money management, over spending, or unexpected changes in your life, your focus needs to be on solutions, not how much you are going to beat yourself up over something that at this point you can’t change.

The biggest problem you will face as a person considering bankruptcy is yourself. If you are like most of my clients, you lie awake at night, overflowing with fear and anxiety. If you want to make it through the process of bankruptcy without experiencing additional trauma you are going to have to accept your circumstances and move forward through your anxiety. You have taken the first step just by reading this far! Once you make the decision of whether or not to file bankruptcy, the process is essentially black and white. You are the additional ingredient that will determine the quality of the outcome and how well you are able to rebuild your life.

If you are ready to face your situation head on you will find that the process of bankruptcy may well be the most freeing experience you will probably ever have. If you have been choking in a sea of debt, you are already in the depths of financial despair. Anyone who has experienced a nose dive in income is familiar with humiliation, creditor harassment, uncertainty, and fear.

Now that you are looking at the reality of your circumstances the worst is really over. If you are reading this, you have already decided to do something to help yourself. You may feel that you do not have a choice, but everything is a choice. Many people sit back and wait for things to happen to them without initiating a positive first step. So, give yourself a pat on the back.

Bankruptcy exists as an opportunity for you to turn your life around so you can get a fresh start. If you qualify for Chapter 7, where your debts are wiped out, or Chapter 13, where some of your debts may be wiped out and you make a reasonable plan for repayment of the rest, you will find that you can clean up your financial mess with dignity and closure.

So cheer up! Most clients who have come to me for help initially share your misery, and go on to make changes that will prevent financial distress in the future and allow them to make a fresh start.

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