Most clients worry: What will life after bankruptcy be like?
As your attorney, I will help you understand your options in rebuilding your credit score and how to face life after bankruptcy. Many debtors are under the mistaken impression that once they file for bankruptcy it will take years to rebuild their credit, if at all.   This is simply not the case. While it may take a while to rebuild a credit score, there are ways that you can apply for and obtain credit, even in the few months following the completion of your bankruptcy case.

By keeping current on your bills and mortgage payment if you have one, you can probably qualify for a low balance credit card. If you use that card responsibly and pay off the balance, your credit score will improve and you may be able to get higher limit credit cards.

With patience and responsibility, it is possible to fully recover from bankruptcy and rebuild your good credit. Following are some specific actions that you can take in order to rebuild your life after bankruptcy:
Get a secured credit card.

  • Use your credit card wisely to avoid being in the same situation as before.
  • Pay all of your bills on time.
  • Create a budget and stick to it, spending money only on necessary expenses.
  • Save as much as possible.
  • Track your credit report to keep an eye on your progress.


You will be able to rebuild your life after bankruptcy.  
As your attorney, I will help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you, and what you can expect after bankruptcy. It is my goal to help you make the choice that is best for your financial future, with honesty and integrity.


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